Allemagne : Ce cirque a remplacé les animaux vivants par des hologrammes

Spectators of the Roncalli Circus Show look at an hologram projection of an elephant during the show in Luebeck, northern Germany on August 16, 2023. The smell of sawdust and popcorn fills the air. The clowns, acrobats and magicians are all in place. As the audience are guided to their seats inside the big top, all the classic elements of the circus are there -- except one. The live animals have been replaced by holograms. (Photo by Axel Heimken / AFP)

En Allemagne, le cirque Roncalli réunit tous les ingrédients du cirque traditionnel… sauf les animaux vivants. L’institution a récemment remplacé tigres, éléphants et autres chevaux par des hologrammes.


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